Services – where do the funds go?

When cancer enters into the life of an individual it also enters into the lives of those around them. It impacts their children, parents, grandparents, sisters, brothers, friends, and anyone who cares about them. HCM was founded on the belief that no matter what is thrown at us, if we bond together and create a network of caring, empathetic, and compassionate people then we can get through anything – together. This is what we call The Strongest Link and it gets stronger every single day!

Financial Support

For individuals battling cancer who need financial assistance, we help with expenses such as rent/mortgage payments, medical bills, electric bills, prescription co-pays, groceries, travel costs to treatment, necessary school supplies for children, clothing for children, and any other important monthly bills. In order to utilize our funds for many people within the community, we offer to help each patient/family with up to $500.

How Families Locate Us

HCM Foundation works closely with the Fox Chase Cancer Center and St. Luke’s Hospital social work department in order for families to learn more about us and utilize our services. By receiving family referrals from FCCC and St. Luke’s it allows our funds to help as many people that we can within our community and the Tri-State area.


Here’s how we’ve been helping

* We helped cover the cost of gas for a patient who has been struggling with transportation costs to and from treatment.

* We helped cover the cost of a wig for a patient battling breast cancer. This is so important and we were so happy to help with this situation.

* We helped a patient and his family with a mortgage payment because he has been unable to work while undergoing treatment for lymphoma and finances have become so tight. This helps give them a little breathing room.

* We helped a patient by covering the one month cost of a very expensive prescription medication that she needed.

* We recently helped with gas costs to decrease the stress for a patient who has been struggling getting to her treatment at Fox Chase Cancer Center. Now she can have some peace of mind and focus more on her treatment and recovery.

* We helped a family with funeral expenses for their husband/dad who recently lost his battle with cancer. This is something we feel is so essential to helping the family properly grieve and celebrate the life of someone they love.

* We helped a patient battling metastatic breast cancer with groceries so she can maintain a healthy diet while going through her treatment.

* We provided Sunoco gas cards for a  patient living in Scranton that travels to Fox Chase for treatment each week.

* We helped with one month of a prescription medication costing $480. We were happy to find out it was the last month this medication was needed and the patient is fighting strong!

* We assisted with an electric bill for a patient who has been struggling with household bills.

* We helped cover a monthly insurance premium and PPL electric bill for one month so the patient can stay focus on treatment, recovery, and not have to worry about making ends meet.

* We were referred this family because the head of the household and main source of income has had to stop working due to treatment and dealing with recovery. They have fallen behind on their rent so we were able to help with one month to try and get them caught up.

* We helped a patient with her Peco electric bill.

* We assisted a patient going through treatment while also very behind on her rent. We were able to cover one month to help her during this time.

* We were able to help a patient and family battling melanoma with a partial mortgage payment and their PSEG gas bill.

* We stepped in and helped with a rent payment for this patient battling lung cancer.

* We helped a woman living in Quakertown with her rent. Without being able to work and the commute to treatment, she needed just a little bit of assistance to help bridge the gap until the treatment was over.

* We helped this patient battling breast cancer with her PGW and Peco bills.

* We were referred a patient who was going to stop treatment for her cancer because she couldn’t afford to keep up with her household bills due to the high deductible of her insurance. Thankfully she did not stop her treatment and we were able to help her by covering one month of her mortgage payment.

* We assisted this patient battling breast cancer with her Peco bill. She was having trouble keeping up with this particular bill and there was a shut off notice. We were able to quickly call Peco and pay the amount to keep her power on.

* We were referred this patient because she was being evicted from her apartment. Battling stage 3 ovarian cancer, unable to work due to treatment, and no other sources of income, she fell behind on her rent because she could not keep up. In addition to many of her family members pitching in, we were able to contribute so she could stay in her apartment until she could continue to work again post treatment.

* We helped a patient with her monthly prescription copayments.